Public Education

Restoring transparency and public accountability to our election systems of necessity begins with informing citizens about the unacceptable risks of secret, privatized voting systems, and motivating them to demand transparency and public accountability from local elections officials.

To these ends, the Public Education Working Group will utilize all available means of educational communication, including factsheets, flyers, and posters distributed at public events; articles, editorials, and letters published in local, regional, and national print and web publications; as well as visual and audio presentations conveyed by broadcast and distributable media (CDs, DVDs).

The Public Education Group will produce instructional materials for use by EDA, and will be available as a service bureau to help other regional groups develop educational materials and present them effectively.

Public Education members will collaborate extensively with other Working Groups such as Communications and Public Events, drawing on their expertise in research, production, and presentation--but their own special strengths will be knowledge of effective instructional approaches and their enthusiasm for teaching.

Public Education will also have an important role to play in collaboration with the Media and Publicity Group in preparing print and broadcast information campaigns to reach mass audiences via public service announcements and paid advertising.

Coordinator: Marj Creech OH


Dennis Karius NY
Richard Bozian OH
Bev Donley TX
Marinel Fuller CA
Victoria Haven MN
Carol Waser DC
Mark E. Smith CA
Patricia McCoy WA
Norma Harrison CA
Debra Porta OR
Pamela Smith MO

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