Events Production

The Events Production Working Group will manage all aspects of EDA public events productions, developing the contacts, procedures and skills to manage everything from planning, permits, and publicity through the practical, physical arrangements for managing large assemblies of people in directed, coordinated action. Events Production will take the lead management role while coordinating with other EDA Working Groups that have directly related functions, such as Media and Publicity.
    Events Subcommittees
  • Audience Events
  • Demonstration Events
The Events Production Working Group has two specialized sub-groups: Audience Events, and Demonstration Events.

Audience events, generally presented in an audience venue setting, include public programs such as talks by featured speakers, panel discussions, video or film showings, and conferences.

Demonstration events, generally presented in outdoor settings or in governmental meeting chambers, include press conferences, public testimony at government hearings, demonstrations, vigils, marches, and rallies.

On Election Day, a special category of public demonstrations will be convened at county central counting locations,* commencing at the close of polls and continuing throughout election night and beyond, demanding verified proof of reported election results. The demonstrations will be covered live via web portals and public radio and TV networks, interspersed with updates from the Election Data Analysis project reporting suspect election totals and directing increased protest turnout to those locations.   (* See more under EDRR, "Election Day Rapid Response").



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