Organizational Liaison


At local, regional, and national levels, Election Defense Alliance will seek to inform, persuade, and engage other civic organizations of every variety (civil rights, education, labor, etc.) in the common project of restoring electoral democracy and legitimate, representative government.

Group members will identify, research, and contact other organized public interest constituencies to explain why, no matter what their particular cause or issue, election integrity reforms and fair elections are in everyone's best interests. Group members will work to develop cross-organizational informational exchanges, issue coalitions, and joint projects with other organizations, and will invite members of those organizations to participate in EDA Working Groups and the Coordinating Council as members-at-large.

Organizational liaison involves extensive research, correspondence, phone calls, and personal and institutional meetings and negotiations.  Contacts, referrals, resources, and methods for organizational coalition-building will be shared with regional, state, and county-level election integrity groups around the country.


Joan Kowal MI
Dan Ashby CA
Dennis Karius NY
Sharianne Greer CA
Melissa Jenkins   CA


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