Election Monitoring

Until we have secure and verifiable voting systems under public rather than private control, it will be necessary for citizens to closely monitor all phases of the voting process and to conduct independent checks of official election results.

The Election Monitoring Group studies all aspects of the electoral process with emphasis on opportunities for public observation, then organizes and trains volunteers at the precinct level to monitor and record all phases of voter registration, elections, and recounts, before, during and after, covering every form of voting on every voting and counting occasion.

Voting monitors will be trained how and when to file public records requests for every relevant item of election data.

Other volunteers will be trained to conduct "parallel elections" in which voters voluntarily cast unofficial paper ballots that duplicate their official ballots cast on electronic voting systems. The paper ballots afford a basis for statistical comparison with the official vote count, and may provide indication of suspicious official vote results warranting further investigation, including recounts.

The Election Monitoring Group will be involved in the planning and execution of EDA exit polls of selected target precincts and contests around the country, and will arrange for wide and timely publication of the exit poll data in comparison to officially announced voting results.

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