County-level election integrity organizations will train citizen volunteers to conduct election research drawing on methods such as those modeled by Methods will include filing public records requests with county and state elections departments seeking raw voting data; procedures for the conduct of elections; voting systems manuals, procedures, and technical specifications; and transactions and communications between local elections departments, voting systems vendors, and secretaries of state or other chief state elections officials.

Election data down to the precinct level will be sought, including voter registration rolls, voter rosters (poll books), precinct poll tapes, ballot image files, tabulator backup data files, disaggregated, real-time precinct voting data transmissions, absentee ballots and reports, spoiled ballots and reports, provisional ballots and reports, memory card inventories, modem traffic logs, ballot chain of custody documentation, and whatever else is determined to be necessary for a complete accounting of all voting activity.

Technical experts, whether volunteers or hired consultants, will examine voting systems information collected pursuant to public records requests and/or evidence obtained through legal discovery, searching for evidence indicating machine error, clerical error, and other election irregularities, including evidence of vote-altering software and firmware operations.

These hardware and software technical specialists will devise election auditing methodologies; recruit other expert consultants; train other volunteers in information-gathering; conduct forensic examinations of electronic voting equipment, computer hard drives, machine logs, modem traffic logs, software code, etc.; publish findings for peer review; and prepare evidence for litigation efforts.

Other volunteer researchers will pursue leads on all other types of information pertaining to electronic and non-electronic voting machines, supplies, vendors and their subcontractors, including business and political relationships linking elections officials, voting system vendors, representatives of polling firms and news media. Investigations will cover corporate ownership, loans and payments, business or data-sharing agreements, lobbying of local elections officials or state or federal legislators, and any other relationships or dealings influencing the conduct and reporting of elections.

Election data, technical evidence, and analysis methods developed by this coalition will be shared and coordinated with the National Election Data Archive and other projects working to systematize election data reporting and analyze patterns in past elections for evidence of error or fraud in the tabulation of election results.


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