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Election Defense Radio

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The Election Defense Radio program has suspended recording of new episodes,
but we may revive the series at a later date.

All 23 recorded shows are available for download in the Election Defense Radio archive section below.






EDA-sponsored Election Integrity radio series on California Public News Service (CANS),

a statewide network of 215 community radio stations. 

Click here to access the CANS/EDA archive of radio stories on election integrity subjects.


Election Defense Radio Archive

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Shows are listed in descending chronological order, latest shows at top, earliest shows at botto

Saving NY Levers, Riverside CA Monitoring Report, Georgia DRE lawsuit
Andi Novick and Rady Ananda explain the virtues of New York's lever machines,
Tom Courbat grades Riverside County, CA an "F" and Garland Favorito  updates us on the VoterGA lawsuit.

Hazards of Vote By Mail, AZ primary, Democratic convention
Jim March and John Brakey report on shifty Vote Remote VBM software, AWOL voting machines in the AZ primary,
the election integrity presentation at the Denver convention, and more.

Affidavits, Exit Polls, and Contesting Stolen Elections in Congress
Attorney Mark Adams and Congressional candidate John Russell discuss laws and tactics used to challenge
suspect elections in Florida. Marj Creech and Dan Ashby co-host.

Mobilizing the Public with Documentary Films
David Earnhardt, Bernie Ellis, Rob Cohen, and Sally Castleman discuss Uncounted, Hacking Democracy,
and Stealing America Vote by Vote
Technical Election Monitoring with SAVElections Monterey County
Jim March and Valerie Lane describe monitoring objectives and obstructions encountered.
Humboldt Election Transparency Project and Paper Ballot Platform Plank
Scanning ballot images to the web, and calling for a paper ballot plank in political party platforms

Whistleblowing to Stop the Shredder in Pima, AZ
Jim March on Pima election rigging, California monitoring, and talking sense to Texas legislators

Tennessee Enacts Paper Ballot Audit Law
Bernie Ellis and Deborah Narrigan of Gathering to Save Our Democracy

California EI Activism with Voting Rights Task Force and Save R Vote
Jim Soper and Michelle Gabriel of VRTF, and Maxine Ewig with Tom Courbat of Save R Vote

AZ Transparency Project investigations, and PA Primary Exit Polling
Co-hosts John Brakey and Marj Creech

VoterGA Lawsuit, Georgia Precinct Audit Bills, and HR 5630

Garland Favorito of VoterGA and Kathy Dopp of NEDA

LA's "Bubble Trouble" and CA's "Tangible Ballots Initiative"
Host Tom Courbat with Michael Jay, Robin Gibson, Harry Lehmann, and Paul Jacobs

VoterGA lawsuit to bar DREs in Georgia, OH Citizen Exit Polling, and NH impeachment resolution
Garland Favorito, Marj Creech, Nancy White

Witness to a Crime in Ohio and Handcount Resolutions in CA
Richard Hayes Phillips and Dave Berman

NM Caucus Report, FL, OH, TX Citizen Exit Polls, and NH Impeachment
Pat Leahan, Mark Adams, Marj Creech, Rep. Betty Hall, Paul Lehto

Primary Election, Exit Poll, and Recount Reports: CA, NH, FL, AZ

Steven Freeman and Jonathan Simon on Exit Polling

Mary Vollero and Bob Brownlee on Citizen Exit Polling in Centre County, PA

David Griscom, Jonathan Simon, and Tom Courbat on Improbable NH Vote and Polling Discrepancies

Jim March on Forensic Potential of the Released Pima AZ Election Databases

Jonathan Simon, Dave Berman, and Mary Ann Gould on the Amicus Brief to Avert Forced E-voting in NY

John Brakey and Jim March on the Pima AZ Investigation and Lawsuit

Interview with Paddy Shaffer of Ohio Election Justice Campaign


Black Box America Live Archive
Hosted by Bev Harris
We are currently reorganizing the audio files for Blackbox America Live in a new archive.
Many of these recordings have been unavailable for the past year, but were recently reacquired.
We're now cataloging their contents.
All the audio links below are active.
We will be adding identifications to the other recordings as soon as possible. 
In the meantime, click on a mystery link and see what you  get.

Bev Harris talks with Dan Ashby of Election Defense Alliance

Interview with Tom Courbat of SaveRVote (Riverside County, CA)
Interview with Vicki Karp and Karen Renick of Vote Rescue (Travis County, Texas)
Interview with Ellen Brodsky, of Broward Election Reform Coalition [BERC]  (Broward County, FL)
Jim March and Alan Dechert on The Trouble with Microsoft
Memphis Operation Election Integrity

Interview with Alan Dechert

Interview with Bruce Funk

Uncatalogued, but links are live