Working Group Registration Procedure

About EDA Working Groups, and How to Join

Election Defense Alliance (EDA) Working Groups are comprised of election integrity activists from around the country, who work together on specific subject content or campaign tactics, refining knowledge and developing skills and expertise.

By joining a Working Group you will have read and write access to the Working Group forums where you can participate in all phases of political campaign work. You will also have a voting voice in deciding EDA policies.

Registration Procedure:
First, please browse the descriptions for each of our 14 groups that you will find listed on this page:

Decide on one or no more than two Groups you would like to participate in. Send an e-mail note to Info(at)ElectionDefenseAlliance(dot)org.

In the note, state your real first and last name, your address, telephone, and e-mail. (*See Privacy Policy at the conclusion of this note, below).

Tell us which one or two Working Group(s) you are interested in joining, and something about your previous experience working on election integrity, or on any other social/political issues, and other organizations you are active in.

Indicate up to 3 job skills, 3 study subjects, and 3 campaign activities you are most interested in pursuing as a Working Group participant.

For example:

Skills: (public speaking, website programming, grantwriting, etc.)?

Study areas: (Election law, data forensics, voting machines, etc.)

Campaign activities: (Publicity, fundraising, public education, etc.)

Skills and study areas don't have to be high-tech.

Writing letters to the editor, social networking, researching grants, contacting other organizations, phoning volunteers--
-- these are all important jobs that EDA needs your help doing.

Upon receipt of your information, your Working Group access will be activated, so you can read and write in the Forum areas and subscribe to a Working Group e-mail list.

Privacy Policy for Working Group Forums

The more detailed personal information you provide when registering for Working Group participation will be shared with Coordinators and fellow Working Group volunteers. By joining a Working Group, you give your consent for the sharing of this information with EDA coordinators and other Working Group members. Personal information is shared in the Working Groups to promote group trust through full disclosure, and to facilitate working collaboration.