Media and Publicity

Description: Drawing on research and writing support from the Communications Working Group, Media and Publicity will cultivate extensive contacts in conventional and alternative media and be prepared to issue well-crafted press releases in quick response to news placement opportunities, consistently and frequently. An initial high priority will be the engagement of a professional newswire service to augment our message placement capacity and quickly raise the profile of the EDA as a coordinating body for nationwide electoral integrity activism at the county level.

Reaching the large proportion of the population that derives most of its information from corporate news media presents a particular challenge, since corporate media have behaved as though complicit in electoral corruption with motive to maintain a coverup. The Alliance media effort must therefore become adept at maneuvering conventional corporate media despite its resistance to our message, while expertly applying popular communications media that are still relatively free of corporate control, to deliver unfiltered information directly to the public.

The Media and Publicity Working Group will develop expertise and effective innovations in the use of websites, weblogs, e-mail newsletters, instant messaging, alternative print publications and independent film, video, and radio to reach the expanding proportion of the population that derives most of its news from these sources and on the whole is more receptive to the electoral integrity message.

Rather than reacting only in response to events outside our control, Media and Publicity will collaborate with Events Production in arranging provocative public demonstrations to drive and frame constructive mass media coverage of electoral integrity issues. Media and Publicity will also organize and promote an Election Defense Alliance Speakers Bureau of articulate organizers, investigators, and authors who will reach the public via live appearances and radio interviews.

In special circumstance and as financial resources permit, the judicious use of paid advertising may be part of Alliance publicity strategy; but in general our emphasis will be on low-cost, direct-access forms of noncorporate mass communications to project our message directly, and so oblige corporate media to respond to the informational demand we develop.



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