Volunteer Recruitment and Training


Welcoming, orienting, and channeling citizen volunteers into effective action promoting election integrity is the charge of the Volunteer Recruitment and Training Group.  Group members will assist in recruiting and training volunteers for all of the EDA Working Groups,  and for EDA projects, including the provision of service assistance to regional election integrity groups.

Working with other EDA Groups such as Public Education and Election Monitoring, the EDA Volunteer Recruitment and Training Group will have primary responsibility for developing training programs to prepare volunteers for participation in exit polls, paper ballot hand-counts, election monitoring, and other special projects as they arise. 

Volunteer Group members will monitor the EDA General Volunteer, I-Count, and other EDA online volunteer signup pages to promptly respond to new volunteers, and assist them in designing a plan of individual action matching their interests and availability. Volunteers will also be encouraged to join one of the 13 specialized EDA Working Groups to collaborate in EDA projects,  learn best-practice methods from activists around the nation, and apply what they learn to the regional election integrity organizations they participate in locally. 

Through the EDA Working Groups, volunteers can develop individual and group expertise in a variety of subject content and skills necessary for a full-spectrum campaign to restore electoral integrity, such as monitoring elections, conducting citizen exit polls, analyzing election data,  publicity, fundraising, public education, volunteer recruitment, and outreach and liaison with other organizations and civic constituencies.

EDA recruitment methods include online signups in the EDA General Volunteer and I-Count registries; public education events, speaking engagements, online social networks, media interviews, information tabling, houseparties, and communication by telephone, e-mail and live interactive online conferencing.

The benefits of EDA volunteer training will be fully realized as EDA volunteers contribute their experience to county and state-based election integrity organizations, expanding the electoral integrity movement and its capabilities.

Acting Coordinator:
Sherry Healy CA


Eileen Wilkinson NY
Joanna Herlihy MA
Dan Ashby CA
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