Ohio Election Officials Mutiny Against Brunner

Ohio Election Officials encouraged by the GOP go into Mutiny phase against Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner

By Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

January 24, 2008

(The below article is a comment on an article by Jon Craig of the Cincinnati Enquirer which is available at the following link: http://frontier.cincinnati.com/blogs/gov/default.asp and titled, "GOP Chairman blasts Brunner for intimidation" .)

In regards to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and Ohio Republican Chairman Bob Bennett: "She's constantly putting out these threats," Bennett said. "And it does absolutely nothing to inspire loyalty and respect among these board members. Quite frankly, I'm convinced she'd get rid of every one of them if she had the choice." Well Bob... actually Secretary Brunner has been covering for all your corrupt election officials since last summer, possibly earlier.

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign (OEJC) has been asking for legal investigation into the citizen documented election crimes of 2004 and the additional election crimes that have happened since then from both the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Secretary of State. We also have requested prosecution and a way for the public to follow the progress. We do hope that you, Bob Bennett anger Brunner enough that her and Attorney General Marc Dann will both reinstall the "Rule of Law" in Ohio, and arrest and prosecute many of these alleged felons, also known as the Ohio Election Officials.

It does not appear to be all of the counties, so let's do get busy sorting out the people who would assist with the theft of a US presidential election. Alleged treason? Alleged felonies? What does one even call such behavior? This purging of alleged election criminals should have been done last year in 2007, as the OEJC requested, so Ohio would be ready for 2008. Instead Secretary Brunner was busy telling the press that she trusts the election officials, even though she claims the activists don't. Well, maybe she should have listened to us; we trust only the trustworthy. Hate to say we told you so . . . .

When 57 of our 88 counties illegally destroy 2004 federal election records, many rigged their 2004 recounts (including Cuyahoga under Bennett's watch), and the shenanigans continue. We could use a spunky dictator SOS for awhile to restore order. The people of Ohio actually hired Brunner to do just that. What will it take for her to remember why she was elected as a cleansing agent? Maybe Bob Bennett blowing off noxious gas will do the trick.

Ohioans, the nation, and the world look on Ohio's elections as a bad joke. The research done by citizen investigators even shows that the Ohio Supreme Court contest was manipulated, along with the theft of the presidential race. Why would the same people ever be allowed to conduct another election? Both parties were involved. Their loyalty to one another as election officials appears to come before loyalty to country and their fellow citizens. Not even the Warren County Board Of Elections Homeland Security Lockdown during the 2004 election has been investigated, where the votes were counted in secret.

When asked the status of her investigation in December 2007, Warren County Prosecutor Rachel Hutzel replied, "Is there a crime that you think was committed, and if so, who do you think committed it?" In reply to further questions she wrote, "I cannot launch a criminal investigation unless there is reason to believe that a criminal law has been broken. What criminal law do you believe has been broken?"

We find it sad that a prosecutor doesn't understand that it is wrong to plan a fake security alert five days in advance, and count the vote with no witnesses. It is additionally sad that the attorney general's office is aware, and yet nothing is done. The fake alerts continued with 6 large snowplows parked in front of the Franklin County Board of Elections in November 2006.

It is time to have a recall and refund for our voting machines. There is no reason for millions of additional dollars to go to ES&S or Diebold, the same companies that make the current unreliable voting equipment. Give us paper ballots, then hand count those paper ballots. If the counties won't happily comply, Miss Brunner I would be happy to help you pick the ones to fire and have arrested. We have bundles of evidence -- and oh yes, so do you and Marc Dann, because we already provided that evidence to you, and you have ignored it. Some of the alleged guilty are currently on your board certifying our election machines and working in your SOS office.

Oh Secretary Brunner, what were Mr. Bennett, Mr. Vu, and Ms. Dillingham's roles during the alleged rigging of the Cuyahoga County recount? Who did those convicted of the rigging, Ms. Maiden and Ms. Dreamer, take orders from?

Although the OEJC has been ignored by you and your office, and/or treated badly, and it has now been 165 days since we requested to meet with Jennifer Brunner, and we continue to count the days, we remind you that all we ever wanted and still want is to help clean up the state. Dear Jennifer Brunner, please make the phone ring. We want to help you! Meet with us, we have plans, ideas, help. The pile of evidence is huge and growing. Many of these people are not to be trusted. We told you so.
Deal with them. Democracy: Use it or lose it.