Tell the President-Elect: We Want Paper Ballots

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Barack Obama's Transition Team is calling for public input on what direction the US should go in.

1. Go to and let the President-Elect know what the people want and need from our government.

2. Please forward this email to everyone you know. [Click the "E-mail This Page" link at the foot of this article].

If they hear from millions of us, it will make a difference!

EDA Communications group member Dale Axelrod (originator of the Paper Ballot Platform Plank) presents this recommendation:

Support Legislation for PAPER BALLOTS

Since we've recently had elections with very slim margins, no undocumented totals should be relied upon in presidential or congressional voting. All across the country, instances of paperless, electronic touch-screen (DRE’s) voting machines’ losing, misdirecting, or miscounting large numbers of votes has been well-documented. In the interest of ensuring auditable and trustworthy election results:

PLEASE support immediate passage of ELECTION REFORM legislation requiring that paper ballots replace paperless, touch-screen voting systems in time for the November 2010 congressional elections.

Trust in elections is central to trust in government. Only with a tangible, paper ballot can voters have confidence that there is something to count.

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