Election Protection Measures in Ohio


"If you don't have the right to vote and have that voted be counted, you
will not make any progress of any kind on any other issue or any other
front. All of your freedoms are predicated on your right to vote." -- Mark
Crispen Miller, author of Fooled Again.

There are several ways that YOU can help ensure a fair election. You can serve as

1. POLLWORKER. Pollworkers for Democracy will offer training to ensure
you understand the laws, regulations, and opportunities to ensure a
fair election in your precinct. This is a paid position. You must work
in your county of residence.

2. OBSERVER: Observers are appointed
by a political party, or by a consortium of independents. You would
work 5:30-???. Among the duties will be following the Precinct Captain
with the electronic ballot from the precinct to the central tabulator.

3. ELECTION PROTECTION VOLUNTEER: EP workers will be present at the
polls, armed with information to help voters who are refused access due
to the new ID requirement and other reasons, or are forced to vote by
provisional ballot.

4. Parallel Election Volunteer: Activists will be conducting parallel elections
in selected precincts in order to verify the vote count.

In addition, organizations may be looking for persons to work the exit polls.
Videographers are also being organized.

Training workshops on all of these topics will be presented at the Voting Rights Revival Conference.

Get involved and make a difference! Come for an afternoon or all three
days! Training workshops scheduled on Saturday afternoon (see website
for exact times). October 13, 14 & 15, Columbus State Community
College, 550 E. Spring Street, Columbus, Nestor Hall. Registration and
more information at:

http://freepress.org/vrrc/. Conference is free to the public.
For those unable to attend, please consider providing financial support.

In addition to the volunteer training workshops, there will be speakers,
forums and even political entertainment throughout the day. Feel free
to drop in for the afternoon or spend the day.
For schedule information, check our website. Highlights include:

Steve Freeman- Exit Poll expert and author of
"Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count"

Doris "Granny D" Haddock- clean election campaign activist

Ronnie Dugger, founder of Alliance for Democracy

Ruth Colker, Election and People with Disabilities

Matt Damschroder, Director of Franklin County Board of Elections

Secretary of State forum moderated by Earl Wurdlow

Dave Lippman: singing CIA agent

Tom Neilson: Political Satire, Parody, & Social Commentary

"American Blackout" Sundance award-winning film.

Rev Jesse Jackson (invited)

"Make a difference- protect fair elections" http://freepress.org/vrrc/.