Help Protect the Count in Cuyahoga County Election Day 2008

From: Victoria Lovegren []
Sent: Sunday, November 02, 2008 10:41 AM
To: 'Victoria Lovegren'

Subject: URGENT - "Adopt" a polling place - Get us the posted precinct elecion results approx 8:30pm - Please forward widely!
Current volunteers! We’re really excited about the enthusiastic response we’ve gotten from you and others! This is so important!

Please send this out to your lists.

This is my last blast to get more “Project Post” volunteers!

It is now required for the Board of Elections to post election results at the polling place!

We need those numbers to compare with “official” results!

Please “claim” a polling place and “capture” those results and call/email them into us. We’re working with
and EDA on the Protect The Count effort, and we're calling the Cuyahoga version “Project Post.”

For more information, see

To collect the poll tape tallies, download this Tally Sheet.

Not necessary, but nice – let us know which polling place(s) you will adopt in advance (e-mail or phone 216-246-4179).

Thanks so much for helping us “Protect The Count”

Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D.

PS: Download and distribute this Protect the Count Flyer

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Cuyahoga_Tally_Sheet.pdf5.17 KB