OEJC and Project Vote Count Conduct Citizen Exit Polls in Primary

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The Ohio Election Justice Campaign is joining Project Vote Count in this GREAT election protection effort. We are gathering eager volunteers to conduct Citizen Exit Polls on March 4, 2008. As a Citizen Exit Pollster you will be asking voters to participate in an exit poll which will be like them casting their vote a second time. In Florida, they had a 70% response rate in some precincts.

The participants are quite happy to participate. You will often be thanked for doing what you are doing! Respondent voters will swear that they voted just as they did on the official ballot they just cast at the polls. They also sign and date their CEP ballot as an affidavit which makes their participation and vote irrefutable and legally defendable. What make a CEP different from an exit poll conducted by, for example, Zogby, is that we are volunteers, non-partisan citizens and are not paid by any political party, politician or media company and serve no poilitical agenda other than to verify official vote counts. We are not paid at all. And we tell people that. Then usually, we are thanked!

We are not allowed to campaign for any candidate while conducting CEP's. But, wouldn't it be great to defend your candidate's vote in a non-manipulated, honest way, by taking back your power collecting genuine election data? To get REAL numbers on how we voted and not rely on central tabulation? CEP's may prove to be necessary. Jennifer Brunner has told the precincts they do not have to post precinct results. WHAT??? This makes citizen Exit Polls all the more critical.

Brunner is also making sure any automatic recount will be centrally tabulated which means that we will have to rely on precinct totals that your county BOE SAYS were the results. Back to "Just Trust Us" elections. NO WAY!! Project EVEREST proved results can be manipulated. And we know human nature, don't we? Elections are not about "Just Trust Us" anymore.

People who have been CEP pollster's say that it is actually a really fun and enriching experience. It is a long day but if you have enough people you can do morning and afternoon shifts. Three volunteers per shift are good for a precinct of two to three hundred voters. Get four for a precinct with seven hundred voters or more.

Let's catch them in the act. The only people who are going to keep them honest are you and me. GO TO Projectvotecount.com and follow the links to sign up in your county or come and join your nearest CEP in a neighboring county, or lead your own CEP as a Project Coordinator where you live. This is how we fight back as citizens against a machine determined to keep our vote counts secret from YOU.

We are the people and the only people who are going to make sure our vote counts is YOU. Contact Marj Creech at honestelectionscow@gmail.com, 740-739-1390 or me Victoria Parks parksongs@columbus.rr.com 614-851-1437 and make sure you sign up at projectvotecount.com.


Victoria Parks
Ohio Election Justice Campaign in cooperation with Project Vote Count