"Rob Georgia" Version 2008?

On the eve of the Georgia runoff election for U.S. Senate, Velvet Revolution has circulated the following national press release (appearing on the Wall Street Journal's "Market Watch" website, among other prominent placements) exposing the circumstances of the 2002 Georgia midterm election of Saxby Chambliss to the U.S. Senate -- possibly the single most blatant voting machine election rig in U.S. history.

VR has also placed a full-page advertisement in the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper, reminding Georgia's voters of the stolen election of 2002 that Diebold's DRE voting machines "won" for Chambliss, effecting an overnight 12% reversal of the pre-election tracking polls that showed Chambliss trailing the popular Democratic incumbent Max Cleland by 5 points.

In that same election, the disparity between polls and the machine count was even more extreme in the governor's race, in which Republican candidate Sonny Perdue miraculously gained 16 points to defeat Democratic incumbent Roy Barnes.

Unfortunately, Georgia's voters in tomorrow's election are still held hostage by the same all-paperless DRE voting machines that took over the state in 2002 when the state of Georgia handed total control of its elections to Diebold Election Systems, Inc.

Only the name has been changed (to Premier Election Systems) to deflect attention from the guilty.

Source: Velvet Revolution and PR Newswire http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Diebold-Vote-Company-Whistleblower...

Diebold Vote Company Whistleblower and GOP Cyber Security Expert:
2002 Chambliss Senate Race Was Rigged

Last update: 9:44 a.m. EST Dec. 1, 2008

WASHINGTON, Dec 01, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/
-- In an exclusive interview with Velvet Revolution ("VR"), a DC based non-profit dedicated to a clean and accountable government, a former Diebold vote machine contractor who was in charge of preparing the 2002 election between Saxby Chambliss and Max Cleland has stated that the software patches placed on the voting machines in the weeks prior to the election could have rigged the election in favor of Republican Chambliss.

The contractor, Chris Hood, was ordered by the President of Diebold, Bob Urosevich, to secretly install uncertified software patches on machines in predominantly Democratic counties, according to Mr. Hood. Saxby Chambliss won a surprising victory after trailing badly in the pre-election polls. The interview with Mr. Hood, posted by Velvet Revolution ("VR"), can be seen on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKnIghBsU58.

Rebecca Abrahams, a former ABC News producer who conducted the interview, states, "Jim Martin should be concerned about the veracity and validity of the runoff election results after anomalies in the last election and the statement by Chris Hood. In fact, voters should demand to know if Chambliss had any knowledge that the 2002 election was rigged and whether he knew that Georgia citizens voted on electronic voting machines that had been patched with uncertified software days before the election in clear violation of Georgia law."

Stephen Spoonamore, a cyber security expert and lifelong Republican, has also stated that he believes that the 2002 Georgia Senate race was rigged in favor of Chambliss. "If you look at the case of Saxby Chambliss, that's ridiculous. The man was not elected. He lost that election by five points. Max Cleland won. They flipped the votes, clear as day," Spoon said in another exclusive interview posted on YouTube by VR at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzKbigGoMoo.

VR has been working with whistleblowers who have stated that the GOP, under the direction of Karl Rove, has been using computers to change election results. In order to protect the runoff election from such manipulations, a federal RICO lawsuit is being pursued in Ohio to take depositions from those who have been implicated in this illegal strategy.

Last week, the attorneys in that case sent document holds to Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel asking that she retain all memory cards and hard drives used in the runoff, and all documents related to uncertified patches. Cliff Arnebeck, the lead attorney in that case states, "Karl Rove has made a career out of rigging elections. Electronic voting machines like those being used in Georgia are his favorite tool, so this important race cannot be watched too closely."
Complete coverage of this suit is at http://www.rovecybergate.com.

VR is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the Saxby Chambliss election rigging. VR has released a YouTube video about the Chambliss election fraud at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_gBfUo9dPs.

VR is running a display ad in today's A section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution about this election fraud. A copy is at http://www.velvetrevolution.us.