2004 Video - US Citizens Demand Honest Elections in Ohio

2004 Video - US Citizens Demand Honest Elections in Ohio

Dear State of Ohio Employees at the Offices of the Ohio Attorney General and The Ohio Secretary of State,

I ask that you take the 5 minutes and 10 seconds to review this video titled "Ohio (Get Up On The Bus) by Wil b" of The Political Power of Hip Hop.


This video documents the 50 Freedom Winter Busriders that traveled from Ohio, joining with citizens from across this nation in Washington DC on January 6, 2005 (the 3 year anniversary just passed) to protest the certification of the Ohio Electoral College. We lobbied the Senators and demanded that action be taken.... it was.

This is the day of the Boxer Rebellion where Senator Barbara Boxer and Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones gathered with them 30 US Representatives, for a total of 32 members of the United States Congress to block the certification of the vote. The bulk of leadership at that time, came from the Black Congressional Congress.

In Ohio at that time, the offices of the Secretary of State and Attorney General assisted the cover-up, and would not investigate, but put fines and sanctions on the attorneys who did their patriotic duty and stepped up to represent the people. In calling Jim Petro and asking for help with Delaware County's election officials, we were directed to the County Prosecutor. No one at the Attorney General's office would help. We let them know that the Delaware County Prosecutor office was a major part of our problem, they denied, blocked, or greatly stalled our record requests. At one time wanting to charge nearly $2000 to make copies of the 2004 ballots. These are public records.

To those of you working in the Attorney General and Secretary of State offices now. Help us, help your state, help your nation. Assist us to get the investigation going into the theft of the 2004 election, only real accountability will start to turn around those that would steal our elections.

Sincerely Concerned,

Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 761-0621

A note from Wil b about his video...

Wil b and a some very pissed off disenfranchised voters, representing over 100,000 folks from Ohio, take their fight to the streets against George W. Bush's second term by lobbying their Senators and "Gettin' Up On The Bus!" to Washington D.C. where it all went down January 6th, 2005.

Peace to the Winter Freedom Riders!

Peace to We Do Not Concede!

Peace to Ohio, Florida, New Mexico and all of the other states who've had their voters voices stolen by unfair elections.

VOTE 2006-2008