New Motions Filed in King-Lincoln Lawsuit Challenging 2004 OH Election

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

Enclosed (and in the link below) you will find the Motion to Intervene and the Motion for Criminal Contempt that was filed by 8 members of The Ohio Election Justice Campaign. These were filed with the Federal Court in Columbus, Ohio on July 7th 2008, and July 10th 2008.

First a Motion to Intervene was filed. Then a Motion for Criminal Contempt.

The Motion for Criminal Contempt is very important, and the idea's contained within may help others in states outside Ohio. Please let us know if it helps further your causes elsewhere.

We now wait for a response from the court, to see if we will be allowed to intervene in this case. We hope to resolve some or a large part of this giant mess. The November election is only a few months away, and so far for the most part, the same people that destroyed our 2004 election records, are still running the show. Why should we expect different results?

These documents are up on the Moritz Law College website, at:
The whole lawsuit is there from the beginning of it, and our motions have now been added in. They currently show up as the bottom three listings. The bottom listing says, "Exhibits in support of motion for Criminal Contempt". "Exhibit 1" and Exhibit 2" There is a third Exhibit, that is not posted, and I'm not sure why.

There are also photo copies of Delaware County ballots that were presented to the court as Appendix A Volumes 1-3.
These are not up at the Moritz website. We were not able to afford the scanning of those documents at that time, but they were provided to the court on July 10, 2008. Enclosed in the attachments in the Motion for Criminal Contempt, and in it you will see several pages talking about how to view those ballots. A little background history is contained, details on what is there, and the importance of maintaining the election records is dealt with utilizing the story that these Delaware County, Genoa I ballots tell.

This has all been rather expensive, and has been paid for out of the grocery money of several people. To those who donated, thank you very much.

We do this for our nation, our family and for our friends.

Donations accepted.

Please donate via The Ohio Election Justice Campaign website, on the Election Defense Alliance website listed below.

We are now preparing for what we may need next, and there is lots more that members of the OEJC have documented just waiting for the light of day. ...And literally, I just ran out of ink in one printer, and the other printer is almost empty too... again. Help if you can.

Make it a Powerful Day,

Paddy Shaffer
Director, The Ohio Election Justice Campaign
(614) 266-5283

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