Bob Wilson, Registration and Voting Systems Coordinator

As a member of Election Defense Alliance, Bob Wilson serves as coordinator of the Registration and Voting Systems workgroup, treasurer and as a member of the executive committee. Like many, Bob’s introduction to election integrity issues was the 2000 election, followed by the anomalous mid-term 2002 election results. After the passage of HAVA, he became especially interested in the role of electronic voting machines and the threat from privatization of elections. After a period of individual investigation and analysis he joined the election integrity battle in earnest.

Bob is a member of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project and serves as chairperson of the Suburban Cook County Chapter, a member of the board of directors and executive committee and acting general counsel. The Mission of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project is to inform and educate the public, media and government officials about important election integrity issues and to promote the adoption of legislation and policies designed to secure the democratic process.

IBIP has been active in opposing the certification of Direct Recording Electronic voting devices and systems, devoting much of their efforts toward attempting to educate and persuade the Illinois State Board of Elections, an eight-member appointed body which certifies voting systems. Wilson has authoring a number of white papers on such topics as "The Case Against DREs" as well as specific vendor-focused papers on Sequoia and Diebold. IBIP was active in helping to develop significant changes to the Illinois Election Code in 2005, including VVPAT and a 5% audit of DREs, post-election. Current efforts are being directed toward the state legislature to further strengthen the code.

Wilson has taught at Washington University, Roosevelt University and Parks College and served as president of Laclede School of Law and vice president of marketing & communications for Triton College. He has contributed articles to print and online publications on a variety of topics such as Medicare and prescription drugs, tax reform, trade deficits and election integrity. His work against Social Security privatization led to presenting testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Committee on Finance. His background includes a corporate career with his last position as president of a major international subsidiary of a US company. Education: undergraduate program (political science) – University of Chicago and Washington University, masters (econometrics) – London School of Economics; terminal degree (law) – Laclede School of Law. Member: California Bar – practice: state and federal courts and various regulatory agencies. Wilson is currently managing partner of a strategic consultancy and lives in Evanston, Illinois.