Dan Ashby, Co-Founder and Director

Dan Ashby, the executive director of Election Defense Alliance, has been volunteering full-time as an election integrity researcher and organizer since Nov. 3, 2004, when he realized that the exit polls were correct, the official election results were corrupt, and that both major parties and the national news media were complicit in election deception.

For nine months leading up to the 2004 election, he organized a network of 500 volunteers participating in phone-banks to register new voters in the swing states of Oregon and Nevada.
In the days following November 4, be began mobilizing resistance to the illegitimate election.

Dan co-organized the 51 Capital March in Sacramento, CA on December 12, 2004 to protest the Electoral College seating of the Ohio electors, and was an organizer in the Bay Area coalition that persuaded Senator Boxer to stand in protest January 6. He produced one of the nation's first two public forums on the contested election in a January 4 Rally for the Republic in Herbst Hall, San Francisco. On January 30, 2005 he traveled to Columbus Ohio to help found the J-30 Coalition of Ohio election activists.

In early 2005, Dan recruited many leading activists to join United for Secure Elections, the first national election integrity discussion list. Working with the Voting Rights Task Force, he co-produced the February 2005 National Teach-In on Election Rigging in Oakland, CA and the Elections in Crisis film festival and speakers' program in September 2005. He attended both the Nashville and Portland national election reform conferences.

As a founding member of Protect California Ballots, Dan helped design that organization, conduct parallel elections, and write or edit many of its publications, including a guide to conducting parallel elections.

For the next 18 months, prior to co-founding Election Defense Alliance, Dan was a full-time, freelance election integrity activist, researching and distributing information and action alerts to mailing lists he developed that reach more than 1000 citizens, news reporters, elected officials, political parties, and electoral integrity groups in California and the nation.

In spring, 2006, he began collaborating with fellow EDA co-founders Sally Castleman and Jonathan Simon, designing the organization that emerged on July 4, 2006 as Election Defense Alliance. Dan is involved in all phases of EDA strategy and operations, with particular emphases on communications, website development, fundraising, and volunteer mobilization.

Maintaining his involvement in local and state-level election activism, Dan continues to work with the Voting Rights Task Force in Alameda and Contra Costa counties, and with the California Election Protection Network (CEPN). He has testified at numerous county and state voting system certification hearings, and is frequently interviewed by the press.