Gail Jonas, Acting Coordinator for Organizational Liaison

Gail Jonas started working on behalf of public funding of campaigns in 2003. By January of 2004, it became obvious that there was a more serious problem related to voting, and that was with how our votes are being counted.

One of Gail's initial efforts was to organize a van full of people to attend a Voting Systems and Procedures Panel meeting at the California secrtary of state's office in Sacramento in April of 2004.

In November of 2004, Gail served as a "commander" (supervising attorney, one of about 95 across the U.S.) for the Election Protection Coalition national voter protection hotline, 866.OUR.VOTE. Two days after the election when it was evident that Ohio was the "hotspot," Gail spent the next couple of months finding recount observers and attorneys from across the country to go to Ohio. Twelve recount observers and six attorneys went to Ohio to help challenge the election. Eighteen additional attorneys offered research assistance.

Gathering up $2,000 in small donations from 50 personal contacts, Gail Jonas, Dan Ashby, and three more California activists flew to Columbus, Ohio on January 30, 2005, and helped the citizens there organize the "J-30 Coalition," an election integrity group that has done primary research on the 2004 ballots, proving fraud in that election and in the recounts that ensued.

In the 2006 election cycle, Gail again served as a commander on the national voter protection hotline coordinated by National Campaign for Fair Elections (NCFE) with the goal of acting as liaison between that organization and EDA. While on the hotline, one of Gail's tasks was to alert Video the Vote to incidents occurring at the polls so that they could speed there and capture the incident and upload it to YouTube.

What is most gratifying to Gail is that the issue of accurate vote counting, persistently raised by a "rag-tag" group of individuals for several years, has now gained national attention.