Sherry Healy, Volunteer Coordinator

Sherry Healy has been singularly dedicated to the election integrity cause since 2002, having written more than 70 articles, essays, press releases, and position papers, ranging from the “Titanium Standard” protocol for election auditing, to commentary on centralized voter registration included in the Election Assistance Commission hearing record, to a humorous play titled, "How to Maintain Our Democracy's Election Hygiene," performed by CodePink at the Sparc Theater in Venice, California.

In addition to her role as Volunteer Coordinator for Election Defense Alliance, Sherry is a co-founder of the California Election Protection Network, chairs the election reform committee of Marin-Democracy for America, and is a Democratic Party delegate for California's 6th Assembly District. During the 2004 presidential election campaign she was the volunteer coordinator for Marin County's highly efficient team of 600 Howard Dean for President volunteers. Recently, Sherry was invited to join the board of directors for California's Tangible Ballot Initiative.

Sherry frequently lobbies California elected officials in Sacramento advocating election integrity reform measures. She has produced a number of election reform public events, including a highly successful San Diego Town Hall meeting hosted by Ed Asner and featuring prominent national election integrity leaders. The event received extensive airplay on Link TV and other television channels in the critical week prior to the November 2006 election that resulted in Debra Bowen’s election to the office of California secretary of state.

Sherry is co-founder of a successful communications/graphics business, where she handles project management, technical writing, and art direction, as well as creating illustrations, utilizing skills she acquired by earning her master’s degree in fine art from San Francisco Art Institute. She has received awards and favorable reviews for her art exhibitions and published art criticism. Pursuing her commitment to honest and accountable elections, she has applied her creative and entrepreneurial experience in co-creating Equalivote, a HAVA-compliant, noncomputerized ballot-marking device for voters with disabilities.