Citizens' Election Verification Poll (EVP)

Election Verification Poll

Election Defense Alliance, Election Integrity and The Warren Poll are organizing an Election Verification Polling (EVP) project as a safeguard for the November 2008 presidential election -- and we're calling on you to help.

Exit polling provides an independent check on "official results" reported by suspect computerized voting systems. Citizens applying professionally managed, scientifically designed polling methodology will conduct exit poll voter surveys in strategically selected locations, presenting brief survey forms to voters exiting their polling places on Election Day (Tuesday, November 4th) 2008.

The voters' anonymous responses reporting how they have cast their votes will be processed and analyzed in real time.

Unlike the national exit poll conducted by a private consortium of newsmedia corporations, who withhold their raw polling data and heavily "adjust" their results to match the reported election results (!), this Citizens' Exit Poll will fully disclose the data so there can be no doubt about the truth of the numbers and what they reveal about the purported truth of the official election results -- and, for that matter, the purported truth of the corporate newsmedia exit poll.

Fully transparent exit poll data is crucial in assessing the validity of the announced election outcomes. Accept no substitutes. Volunteering for EVP will be one of the most effective contributions you can make to guard against another stolen election.

Are you ready to volunteer for the Election Verification Poll?
Further details are provided on the EVP sign-up page. To volunteer, click the sign-up link above.

To LEARN MORE ABOUT EXIT POLLS, and why they are effective in assessing the validity of official election results, click to this page: About Exit Polling

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