Fiscal Sponsor

Election Defense Alliance is a sponsored project of
International Humanities Center

International Humanities Center's mission is to work with other independent nonprofit organizations and sponsored projects that are devoted to a vision of ecological and humanitarian stewardship that benefits all of creation. The IHC seeks to reverse the current situation of pollution, disease, and disconnection by focusing efforts on creating a civilization that is centered upon love, peace, and natural harmony.

To address the multiple challenges requiring immediate attention in our global community, IHCenter is proactively collaborating with qualified projects through its 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship program. International Humanities Center is pleased to provide 501(c)(3) fiscal sponsorship for projects that fall within its scope of humanitarian endeavors. IHCenter carefully reviews each independent project, and, once approved, each agrees to share in the cost of administering IHCenter. To accomplish this, projects provide IHCenter with 5% of the revenue donated to their project. IHCenter then uses this revenue to audit project activities to assure compliance with 501(c)(3) criteria, prepare year-end tax returns, and maintain administrative staff and project support services.

EDA is sponsored under the IHC 501(c)(3) sponsorship program

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