Nancy Tobi, Legislative Coordinator

Nancy Tobi is cofounder, former Chair, and website editor for Democracy for New Hampshire (DFNH). She is current Chair of the New Hampshire Fair Elections Committee. Nancy has seen DFNH grow from 25 members when founded in February 2004 to what is now the Granite State's largest grassroots organization, recognized as an influential player in New Hampshire and national politics.

Nancy is the author of numerous articles on election integrity, including "The Gifts of HAVA: Time to Ask for a Refund," "What's Wrong with the Holt Bill," "We're Counting the Votes: An Election Preparedness Kit," and the newly released "Hands-on Elections: An Information Handbook for Running Real Elections, Using Real Paper Ballots, Counted by Real People".

Nancy's focus on federal election reform legislation such as the "Holt Bill" and the HAVA-spawned White House agency, the Election Assistance Commission, has resulted in groundbreaking research, analysis, and reporting on the ramifications of federal acts and agencies to the integrity of the American Republic and its particular form of representational democracy.

Under her leadership the NH Fair Elections Committee has sponsored and helped to pass positive state election law legislation, while successfully blocking legislation that would have undermined the openness and transparency of the New Hampshire election system. The Fair Elections Committee has sponsored several public education gatherings with New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner and other state and local election officials, and consults regularly with the NH State Legislature's Election Law Committee.

The Committee, with its parent organization, Democracy for New Hampshire, was prime sponsor of the 2007 DemocracyFest, featuring an entire election integrity track, including training on running hand count, paper ballot elections. The Fair Elections Committee has organized numerous public actions in support of fair elections, including record-breaking turnout for the 2006 NH Ballot Law Commission hearing regarding the approval of Diebold voting machines, and "Citizens Gone Wild: Taking Control of Our Democracy", an action focused on passing local control ordinances limiting the use of secret vote counting technologies and corporate control of vote counting.

Nancy has been a featured speaker on radio and TV programs, as well as live grassroots and university programs, dealing with election integrity issues. She serves as grassroots representative on the New Hampshire Help America Vote Act (HAVA) State Plan Committee.

She is married to Ariel, and has two children. Nancy holds a Master of Science degree in Environmental Education and works professionally in the field of online learning.

Nancy believes that the laws, tenets, and principles embodied in our Constitution must be revived, and that groups like Election Defense Alliance and Democracy for New Hampshire can play a unique role as nonpartisan, grassroots organizations that can help this happen by empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.