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EDA has received and committed nearly $70,000 in donations to election verification exit polls and surveys in strategically selected counties throughout the country. We have innovated a highly cost-effective variation on traditional exit polling, that enables us to evaluate the credibility of offical election results to a high confidence level within conventional polling margins of error, at less cost, with greater flexibility.

Our initial findings concern a 3 million vote difference between the media consortium exit polls of Nov. 7, and the officially reported voting results the next day. See the press release and the full report, Landslide Denied.

Additionally, EDA is a partner in the
Vote Count Protection Project, which conducting independent verification polls
staffed by volunteers in several contested Congressional Districts in PA and OH where the expectation of vote rigging is high.

These VCPP polls demonstrate a methodology for low-cost exit polls that can be conducted anywhere by citizen volunteers supervised by experienced polling professionals. EDA and VCPP will be promoting volunteer-based exit polling in this and future elections.
To read more, see the downloadable files "EI_ExitPolling_Freeman.pdf" and "Do Your Own Exit Poll" under the Attachment heading at the foot of this article. Also visit

Election Defense Alliance depends on your support to continue this important work.
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EDA has committed $15,000 to a revolutionary election forensics project that will correlate incoming election results with historic baseline voting data, public opinion tracking polls, exit polls, election day incident reports, and information about what make and model of voting machines are deployed, and where. EDA exit polls and others funded by Velvet Revolution Election Day Strikeforce will be included in the data feed to the EDA Election Data Analysis Project.

This data will be cross-referenced and analyzed in real-time with multiple statistical analysis programs designed to detect anamolous data patterns. Suspect election returns will be flagged for closer review, and significant findings will be relayed election night to the public via direct feed to websites, press releases and live radio coverage.

We need many volunteers to gather and analyze election data. To learn more about participating in this exciting project,

For a downloadable PDF overview of the Data Analysis Project, click here.

Findings of Widespread Vote-Switching, Nov. 9

Executive Summary of findings to date (Nov. 9) by Bruce O'Dell.


As part of the Election Data Analysis Project, Election Defense Alliance is pioneering a National Precinct Tally Capture project, by which any citizen, anywhere, can help us record the top-ticket national and state voting results from precinct posted tally tapes, enter them in a webform, and upload to the EDA Data Analysis Project via the webpage

This will enable preservation and comparison of pre-tabulator precinct tallies with official results that later emerge from county tabulators. Any discrepanices will be grounds for immediate investigation.

Click here for instructions and data form for the Precinct Tally Capture Project