Next Round of Web Site Updates Scheduled

The next round of web site updates have been scheduled for Sunday, March 1, 2009. All uses should expect the entire EDA site to be unavailable ALL DAY - 9am/5pm PST - (Noon - 8pm EST).

The Details

  1. The core site files - those that handle content and interface with our databases will be upgraded. This upgrade is a continuation of the last group of updates which were recently performed by our hosting provider, where they updated our server hardware and database software. We are updating the site core files to allow us to add user and security features in the future.

  2. The user management software will be updated to the next version. While I will try and schedule this step to happen during the core file upgrades, there is a chance that the upgrades of the core files may take all day. If that is the case, then I will schedule this update for a later time. The core file update MUST be completed before this update
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  4. The EDA Store is being temporarily taken off-line. This will allow me to do some reconfiguration work on the store and test the next version of the e-commerce software used in the store. Since we are updating our core files, we need to update our e-commerce software to the next version. Unfortunately, they still have the next version in the beta test stage and we must test it fully before taking the store live again.
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  6. An ongoing project that I will be starting is to bring the EDA web site more in line with the W3C CSS Web Standards. This will allow for our site to display and act the same (look and feel of the web site) no matter which web browser is used.
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I wish to thank everyone for their patience during these constant updates. I will try and get these latest round of upgrades completed as soon as possible. If anyone as any additional concerns, please feel free to address your question or concern to me at webmaster {AT] electiondefensealliance [DOT] org