Site Upgrade Status

Current Status of the EDA Web Site Updates

It has been a long two days for me.  I ran into some incompatibilities between versions 5 & 6 when upgrading our core site files.  I am now slowly resolving those issues created by the upgrades.  Sorry for any inconviience that this upgrade caused.

The new abilities that the new software will offer are worth all the trouble.  I am now busy troubleshooting all the problems and enabling new features on the EDA site.

  1. The content editor is now working  properly. 
  2. I am working on the user database (which is why I have temporarily disabled the "join" feature.) 
  3. The EDA store has also been disabled because I need to test the new e-commerce software.
  4. I am working on the overall look of the EDA website through the use of a CSS stylesheet.  The new look of the website is a reflection of the new theme that has been added to the site.

Feel free to drop me a note if you have any concerns or immediate needs.  I can be reached at webmaster [AT] electiondefensealliance [DOT] org.