EDA Widgets

Widgets are little patches of code that set up interactive connections from one website or blog to another. Widgets are a great way to introduce audiences on other sites to the election integrity cause, and to direct visitors to information and contribution pages at EDA and related sites. See below for a growing selection of EDA widgets that we hope you will use to help seed election integrity messages across the Internet.

How to Use Widgets:

Copy and paste the code blocks into a web or blog page where you want the widget to appear. Widgets can be installed on single pages, or as side column "blocks" displayed across multiple pages of a website. Widget code can also be inserted in the body of an HTML-enabled e-mail message, and sent out to your address book or other e-mail lists. Clicking the "Share" tab on these widgets enables e-mailing the widget code to share with others, who can then display the widgets on their websites and blogs.

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The EDA Frontpage News Widget

Displays live hyperlinks to the current frontpage news articles at EDA. Click the Options tag to display and select from a variety of code formats adapted for particular blogging and social networking platforms. There's also a version for running on a personal computer desktop.


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Fundraising widget, EDA General Fund:


Fundraising widget, Arizona Transparency Project (AZTP)