Web Site Upgrades Planned

Website Upgrade Feb. 9 - 13

Sudden Shutdowns Possible: Save Your Work Often

Our ISP will be performing database updates during the week of Feb 9 to Feb 13 and these updates can occur at any time. During the database update, please expect the site to suddenly go down and/or become unresponsive. The update can last from (their estimate) 15 to 45 minutes - I would expect longer! I suggest that anyone who is editing content to SAVE OFTEN. We do not know which day the update will occur - which is the best estimate our ISP can give us since they have a large number of servers to upgrade.

- Thank you for your patience -

If you have any questions or encounter any problems please email me at webmaster[at]electiondefensealliance [dot]org



We have been waiting for the ability to upgrade for some time (more than a 1-1/2 years). We had to wait for our ISP to upgrade the server hardware and software, which would allow for the upgrades. Three months ago, our ISP was sold to new owners and they have moved swiftly to start the necessary hardware and software updates. Just over one month ago, they moved us to a new server with a new IP address. This weekend, they announced the upgrade to our database from MySQL 4 to MySQL 5, which is the final step needed to update the EDA web site.

With the completion of the database upgrade, we will have the necessary system requirements in place to update our core programs, from the current Drupal 5 Content Management System to the newer Drupal 6. The upgrade will add some new cabilities to the EDA site. I have not scheduled the upgrade but it will happen within the next couple of weeks. I will notify everyone via a block on the main page announcing the software upgrade. Please be aware the EDA site will likely be down ALL DAY on the announced day. This will be an extensive software update.

Additionally, the database upgrade will allow us to move to the new CiviCRM Version 2 Constituent Relationship Management software. We currently use version 1 of this software. This upgrade will give us some additional functions, such as online event registration, and will improve our ability to communicate with members. I will try to do the DRUPAL and CiviCRM updates together, but no promises. These are both extensive and time consuming updates.

I would also like to announce the addition of a development sever on my personal network. This will allow me to test new modifications for the EDA site BEFORE applying them to the site. I am upgrading hardware (I just bought a new laptop which will be delivered this week and is sweet!) and freed up a machine which I plan to dedicate to testing planned EDA modifications..

Thanks in advance for your patience during these announced updates. If you have any concerns please email me directly at webmaster[at]electiondefensealliance[dot]org

-- Shadow, EDA Webmaster