Donate by Midnight to Start the Year Right

EDA has partnered with Groundspring to bring you a new DONATIONS page -- and we'd like you to try it out before MIDNIGHT tonight. (But we won't object if you try it out tomorrow or the next day).
All contributions to EDA are fully tax-deductible, so take a 2008 deduction now for more Election Integrity in 2009.

We've set up monthly donation options so you can spread your contribution over 12 months -- in any amount you choose.
Plus, we're giving away great gifts as thank-yous for your donations. See the Donations page for details on the EDA buttons, stickers, EI books and documentary DVDs you can get for free with your tax-deductible contribution. (We've got "Stealing America Vote by Vote" for just $7.00! Call for info).

Stock up on those EI books you've been meaning to read or the films you've missed, and wear a "Prevent Unwanted Presidencies" button as a reminder of what happens when a nation lets machines count the votes.

If you have any questions or problems while placing your order, just e-mail us at Orders or phone our new TOLL FREE number 877-375-3930 and an executive director will be happy to assist you.