Registration and Voting Systems

Registration and Voting Systems

Our locally-based affiliates will pursue a program of working with local elected officials and elections administrators concerning the dangers of electronic voting systems as well as the centralized voter registration databases, which increasingly are being outsourced to the same vendors that supply the voting systems.

EDA will collect and distribute information to the network of affiliate organizations concerning best practices for securing voting systems (such as precinct-based counting and tabulation, and more rigorous manual auditing procedures) and better alternatives to electronic systems.

Similar information will be distributed concerning risks and safeguards for centralized voter registration databases. Materials will also be developed about non-electronic mechanisms that are HAVA compliant. Local groups will be better equipped to mobilize their constituencies to work with officials to reject vulnerable voting systems and institute secure and confirmable voting methods.

They will play an active role to ensure that, to the extent electronic equipment is used, it legally complies with certification standards and meets meaningful security standards.

Acting Coordinator

Jim March            AZ
Chandra Friese     CA
Scott Stutzman    CA
Page Day             WA
Jim Soper            CA
Mary Lawrence     FL
Bob Wilson           IL
Dale Tavris           MD
Dan Ashby           CA
Linda Silva           PA
Sharianne Greer   CA
Linda Finkle         NY

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