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Volunteer Registry

EDA General Volunteer Form

Thank you for offering your skills and volunteering your time in the cause for election integrity. When you fill in the following form, we will contact you with volunteer requests that match your interests.

We also invite you to open an EDA Web Account, and join an EDA Working Group, but neither is required to register as an EDA Volunteer. You can begin volunteering for occasional EDA project work now, and expand your participation later as you wish.

Please fill in this volunteer survey and registration form so we can identify EDA projects that would be a good match for your skills, interests, and time availability. Most work can be done via the Internet, e-mail, and phone. In some cases, physical location is a factor, and you can indicate the distance you are willing to travel.


Volunteer Actions to Match Your Interests

For each volunteer activity you are registering for, please fill in details about your relevant skills and experience.

Please comment ONLY in the box(es) for the role(s) you are registering for.  (Do not write in  boxes for roles you are not registering for.)

Provide relevant details. If you are listing computer programming skills, for example, list the program languages and applications you are offering, and your own skill level assessment for each (e.g., beginner, intermediate, advanced).

When describing less easily quantified experiences -- managing volunteers, for example  -- mention factors such as number of volunteers managed, duration of project, types of training you provided and other project management functions you handled.  Provide comparable details for other kinds of volunteer activities.

All Levels of Experience Welcomed

We want to cultivate expertise among EDA volunteers, but you're not required  to be an expert. 

Motivation and commitment count too. 

If you have little to no experience but want to learn something new, write that in the comment box.

We will match you with more experienced volunteers so you can learn by doing.

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Thanks for completing the EDA volunteer registration survey. 

What's Next:

An EDA volunteer coordinator will contact you by e-mail to arrange a time for a phone conversation.

In the call we can get acquainted with you, discuss projects and Working Groups that may interest you, and suggest other persons to contact and ways you can get started.