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FATALLY FLAWED is a true detective story about a $2 billion transit bond measure passed under suspicious circumstances in Pima County, Arizona, and a grassroots election investigation that uncovered computerized election fraud and led to the largest court-ordered release of electronic voting database records in U.S. history.

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What initially appeared to be a public mandate to expand the city's roads was a likely case of election fraud. Watch events unfold through the eyes of seasoned lawyer and activist Bill Risner as, at every step of the way, citizens seeking a recount of the ballots are blocked by election officials, local politicians, and even the state's own attorney general.

In a courtroom confrontation with county supervisors, investigator John Brakey declares:
This is not about just Pima County. It's about our country!

The crisis in electoral legitimacy exposed in this film is taking place throughout America.
FATALLY FLAWED is an inspiring story about citizens fighting to regain the integrity of elections.

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