Registration and Voting Systems


The Registration and Voting Systems Working Group specializes in learning about the different E-voting vendors and their voting machines and related products, including voter registration database software and service; non-computerized voter assistance technology and hand-counted paper ballot voting systems; and the state and federal election laws and voting system certification standards that are supposed to regulate their use.

Correlating what is known about the hacking vulnerabilities of the voting systems, security measures that should be applied, and better alternatives to electronic vote counting, the Registration and Voting Systems Working Group will collaborate with regional election integrity groups in advising and influencing election administrators and elected county officials to avoid costly investments in insecure voting systems and institute election methods that afford accuracy and full public accountability.

Group members will research E-voting systems, and assist other EDA Working Groups in preparing public communications  concerning the dangers of electronic voting systems as well as the centralized voter registration databases, which increasingly are being outsourced to the same vendors that supply the voting systems.

The Systems Group will collect and distribute information
concerning best practices for securing voting systems (such as precinct-based counting and tabulation, and more rigorous manual auditing procedures) and better alternatives to electronic systems to election administrators, legislators, local election integrity organizations, and the general public.

Similar information will be distributed concerning risks and safeguards for centralized voter registration databases and alternative, con-computerized voter-assistive solutions that are HAVA compliant.

While working for precinct-based, hand-counted paper ballot elections as the end goal, Systems Group members will pursue intermediate solutions to ensure that, to the extent computerized voting systems are used, they are used in compliance with
meaningful security standards and public observation and information access rights under law.

: Dennis Karius  NY


Chandra Friese     CA
Fritzi Ross            CA
Page Day             WA
Jim Soper            CA
Linda Finkle          NY
Mary Lawrence     FL
Bob Wilson           IL
Dale Tavris           MD
Linda Silva           PA
Jim March            AZ
Sharianne Greer   CA

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