2006 Exit Poll Data Screenshot Captures

Once again, as in 2004, the national media and Edison-Mitofsky have colluded in election deception.

On this page we present screenshot captures of the network consortium exit poll results for the 2006 Midterm Elections -- showing you the original, authentic 7:07 p.m. exit poll on Election Night, compared to the "forced" exit poll issued the following day at 1:00 p.m., heavily adjusted to conform to the "official" electronic election returns.

The 7:07 p.m. exit poll figures on 11/07 showed an 11.5% electoral margin between Democratic and Republican votes for the U.S. House.
View them by opening this file: http://electiondefensealliance.org/files/HOUSE_EP_7PM_1107.pdf

The 1:00 p.m. exit poll figures released Wednesday, 11/08 show an apparent but "adjusted" (falsified) 7.6% percent spread -- understating the scale of the Democratic sweep by 34%.
View those figures by opening this file: http://electiondefensealliance.org/files/HOUSE_EP_1PM_1108.pdf

The full explanation how and why this was done, and how we know that the original exit poll figures of 11/07 are the true reflection of this election, is published in this press release and in this full-length report.

Here is an excerpt from the Press Release:

The 2006 Edison-Mitofsky Exit Poll was commissioned by a consortium of major news organizations. Its conclusions were based on the responses of a very large sample of more than 10,000 voters nationwide*, and posted at 7:07 p.m. Election Night on the CNN website. That Exit Poll showed Democratic House candidates had out-polled Republicans by 55.0 percent to 43.5 percent – an 11.5 percent margin – in the total vote for the U.S. House, sometimes referred to as the “generic” vote.

By contrast, the election results showed Democratic House candidates won 52.7 percent of the vote to 45.1 percent for Republican candidates, producing a 7.6 percent margin in the total vote for the U.S. House — 3.9 percent less than the Edison-Mitofsky poll. This discrepancy, far beyond the poll’s +/- 1 percent margin of error, has less than a one in 10,000 likelihood of occurring by chance.

By Wednesday afternoon the Edison-Mitofsky poll had been adjusted, by a process known as “forcing,” to match the reported vote totals for the election. This forcing process is done to supply data for future demographic analysis, the main purpose of the Exit Poll. It involved re-weighting every response so that the sum of those responses matched the reported election results. The final result, posted at 1:00 p.m. November 8, showed the adjusted Democratic vote at 52.6 percent and the Republican vote at 45.0 percent, a 7.6 percent margin exactly mirroring the reported vote totals.

The forcing process in this instance reveals a great deal. The political party affiliation of the respondents in the original 7:07 p.m. election night Exit Poll closely reflected the 2004 Bush-Kerry election margin. After the forcing process, 49-percent of respondents reported voting for Republican George W. Bush in 2004, while only 43-percent reported voting for Democrat John Kerry. This 6-percent gap is more than twice the size of the actual 2004 Bush margin of 2.8 percent, and a clear distortion of the 2006 electorate.

There is a significant over-sampling of Republican voters in the adjusted 2006 Exit Poll. It simply does not reflect the actual turnout on Election Day 2006.

To download and read the full report, click Landslide

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