Independent Exit Polls

Essential to Preserving Our Democracy
EXIT POLLING 2008: The EDA Plan And How You Can Help.

•Exit polls, whether in the Ukraine or the United States, are the most powerful tool available for detecting vote fraud and theft — which is why the campaign to discredit them has been so determined.

•Ensuring the integrity of Election 2008 will depend upon reliable exit polls: polling data that are independent of media control. Media-controlled exit polls are, obviously, rendered useles when they are “adjusted” to conform to announced vote results, as happened in 2004.

•This is why Election Defense Alliance (EDA) has made citizen Election Verification Polls (EVPs) its top priority. We are working with a nationally recognized polling firm to conduct polling in critical competitive federal races.

Click here to read about verification polls EDA commissioned to guard the 2006 Midterm Elections

Polling coverage on the scale required will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, even relying on large amounts of volunteer citizen labor. For a more detailed discussion of the role and history of Exit Polls, click here. Additional extensive reading on the 2004 Exit Poll scandal is collected for your reference here.

PLEASE HELP NOW. EDA needs your immediate support in funding this critical endeavor. Millions of American voters will thank you.


Election Defense Alliance is a program of International Humanities Center, a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code [FEIN: 33-0767921]. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

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