Vote By Mail

For obvious reasons of voter convenience and purported effect in boosting voter participation, vote by mail is for many an attractive concept, at least initially.

However, upon more critical consideration, voting by mail is revealed to be inherently very vulnerable to fraud because ballot chain of custody is broken for days and weeks at a time. There are also several paths of attack peculiar to vote by mail, in addition to all the opportunities for electronic fraud built into the optical scan systems that are used to count mail-in ballots.

EDA is willing to entertain opposing points of view on this subject, but basically, we think Vote by Mail is a good intention with very bad consequences.

We anticipate that election departments around the nation, increasingly encountering restrictions imposed on DREs in the wake of the California decertifications, will turn to vote by mail in an attempt to salvage their ill-advised investment in electronic voting systems.

Central count optical scanning provides optimal conditions for mass vote manipulation by election insiders, while leaving the public little to no means to observe the transit, signature verification, or storage of the ballots, nor independently authenticate their counting or tabulation.