S. 1487, the "Ballot Integrity Act of 2007," Is Anything But

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EDA and most of the election integrity movement say: S. 1487 is BAD NEWS, an electoral wrecking ball coming at us.
The Senate will open hearings on this bill July 25.
See the EDA action on this issue here.

While there have been opposing views and strenuous debate regarding House bill 811,

there is virtually no disagreement that this Senate bill S.1487 has got it all wrong and must be amended or ended.

Click here http://www.electiondefensealliance.org/s1487_analysis> to access papers analyzing S. 1487 by Ellen Theisen, Theresa Hommel, Richard Bancroft, Jim Soper and others.

Click here to download the text of S.1487

We will be adding more updates to this section as they become available.

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