Your Election Integrity Dollars at Work

These representative examples of operating, training, and program costs
show what your donations can help EDA achieve.

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$30  Monthly fee for online donation management service

$80  Hourly fee for web programming consultants

$100  Annual dues for nonprofit technical assistance cooperative

$200  Monthly e-mail, website, and long distance telephone bills (costs will grow as we grow)

$300  One PR Newswire regional press distribution

$625  Portable multimedia projector system for public presentations

$800  Produce 1000 updated "Election Truth" CDs / DVDs

$900  Print 10,000 EDA brochures

$1,000  One PR Newswire national press release distribution

$2,000  Produce and distribute election integrity news stories to a statewide CA radio network

$2,500  Monthly cost to sustain Sequoia investigation in Arizona

$2,500  Edit a feature-length documentary film on EDA investigations in Arizona

$3,000  Software and training to produce election integrity instructional videos for the Web

$3,000  Annual subscription to national grantmaker database

$4,000  Travel fund to send representatives to policy meetings (EAC, NASS, Congress, etc.)

$5,000  Attorney retainer and court costs to file a legal action (minimum)

$5,000  Distribute election integrity radio stories across five state networks

$6,000  National press directory and e-mail/web/fax press release delivery service (one year)

$7,500  Distribute hand-count paper ballot (HCPB) procedure manuals and training films to pollworkers and election administrators in all states

$10,000  Upgrade the EDA website for improved ease of use and expanded capabilities.

$15,000  Produce a pilot demonstration of a precinct-based, paper ballot hand-count election

$20,000  Cost to produce EDA's 2008 "Stealing America" public education campaign

$20,000  Cost per each half-time paid position to enable Working Group coordinators to do election integrity work year-round.

$40,000  Fund living expenses for one full-time EDA director for one year

$50,000  Cost of EDA's 2008 national telephone exit polling survey in 30 states

$50,000  Typical starting cost for a countywide election recount

$100,000  Cost of 2008 citizens' exit polling operations in 70 locations in 12 states

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Election Defense Alliance is a sponsored project of International Humanities Center,
a nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code [FEIN: 33-0767921].

Donations to IHC/Election Defense Alliance are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.