Calendar Posting Information

Check here often to view and post announcements about actions, public hearings, broadcasts, and other events concerning the election integrity movement.



Everyone with an EDA web account has access to post and is encouraged to add election integrity-related events to make the calendar as comprehensive as possible.

Posting to the calendar is like posting an article -- ( click here for posting guide ) -- but with additional selection boxes for specifying event dates and start and stop times.
Posters should set individual event listings according to the time zone for the location of the event.

Don't worry if your formatting isn't perfect. Just send an e-mail note to
Admin[at]ElectionDefenseAlliance[dot]org to notify us of new content. Site administrators can fix formatting issues. 

We will monitor posts to avoid event duplication and maintain content on election integrity topics.

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Note on Calendar Time Displays:
The overall Calendar view displays event times in US Pacific Time equivalencies.

Example: An East Coast event happening at 3:00 pm EDT, will display in the top-level calendar setting as 12:00 noon PDT (Pacific time).

However, the event details you enter when you create the event listing, should state event times in terms of the local time zone where the event occurs.

Taking the above example of a 3:00 pm EDT event, the details you enter in the event listing, should describe the event in Eastern time, i.e. as 3:00 p.m.  even though the website system calendar, will show the time as 12:00 pm Pacific.