New Jersey Should Investigate Sequoia [03.19.08]

ACTION ALERT: New Jersey Should Investigate Sequoia and Move to Paper Ballots
March 19, 2008

Thanks to Kathy Dopp and John Gideon for providing the ingredients for this action alert.

Please take a minute and fill out this email form. Also ask your New Jersey friends to call on the NJ attorney general to authorize an independent investigation into the malfunctioning Sequoia voting machines. (Princeton University Computer Scientist Ed Felten has volunteered to do the investigation for free!)

Also ask the NJ attorney general -- who is also the chief state election official in NJ -- why she has not saved New Jersey taxpayer monies by switching to paper ballot optical scan systems to comply with legal requirement for auditing NJ elections -- rather than asking for delay after delay in meeting the legal requirements for election auditing.

Cost comparison studies showing that the costs of all-new optical scanning equipment pays for itself in reduced election administration costs within four years and then saves lots of money.
(See and click on "Voting Systems" for cost comparisons)

These news articles on the N.J. situation are forwarded from the Daily Voting News:

NJ: Interesting Email from Sequoia

NJ: Sequoia Voting Systems Threatens Princeton Computer Scientists with Legal Action
if they Carry Out NJ Commissioned Analysis of the Company's Touch-Screen Voting Machines

NJ: Voting data test is blocked
Manufacturer cites licensing violation

NJ: Legal threat thwarts Union voting-machine check

NJ: State Senate OKs delaying vote-verification method
The paper procedure won't be ready by the Nov. election, N.J. said.
Touch-screens bring doubts.

NJ: E-Voting Firm Threatens Ed Felten If He Reviews Its E-Voting Machine

NJ: E-Voting Vendor Threatens Princeton Computer Scientists With Legal Action

NJ: Voting Machine Company Strong-Arm Tactics Succeed in Blocking New Jersey Investigation (So Far)

NJ: Voting-Machine Maker to Princeton Researcher: 'Hands Off'