Continuing: Oppose S.1487 and H.R. 811 as Written

The Rules Committee of the US Senate will reportedly be conducting a hearing on S1487 on July 25.

CURRENT ACTIONS for the week of July 30:

1. Call your Senators to Oppose S. 1487
S . 1487 is a dangerous, anti-democratic measure even worse than H. R. 811. Amend or end.

2. Call your Representatives to Amend or Reject H.R. 811
A well-intentioned, if misguided election reform bill that the vendors' amendments twisted into the "Voter Con" Act of 2007
It seems beyond repair at this point.

3. Instead, urge your Representatives to Co-sponsor the Kucinich bill or push to correct the corruptions of H.R. 811 with these amendments: A Five-Point Proposal for Real Election Reform

4. California: Voting Systems Review Hearing -- Support Secretary of State Bowen in Protecting the Vote
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Details on S.1487:

Please contact both your US Senators (contacts below), and ask them to oppose S. 1487 as written.

Ask your senators to read this analysis, and work to improve the bill.

If the bill is not improved by amendment, Senators should withdraw their support and vote it down.

For in-depth background and talking points, see these articles on S. 1487:

Senate Contacts:

There are 25 areas of function, and many of them have severe problems.

I hope that all activists can agree that this bill is the wrong way to election reform.

I hope we can have a strong showing at the hearing next week, to demand a better bill and to make sure that our Senators understand why each of these flaws is wrong, and how to improve it.

--Teresa Hommel