Be the Media with DIY Viral Video

How to Upload E I Videos to

Get a YouTube Account and Start Posting from the EDA TV Video Collection

by Jeremy Lewis

Step 1. Create an account by clicking "Sign up" (the link is near the upper right hand corner of the page)

Step 2. Click on "My Account"

Step 3. Click "Upload New Video". Before you get to upload your first video it will ask for email confirmation. You will receive an email with a confirmation link. After clicking the link it will take a few minutes for their server to recognize that your account has been confirmed.

Step 4. Click "My Videos"

Step 5. Click "Upload Video"

Step 6. Fill out the Video Form, be sure to include tags (key words related to the video)
Example of tags: Election Defense Alliance

Step 7. Click "Continue"

Step 8. Choose a file by clicking "Browse"

Step 9. Make sure Broadcast is set to "Public"

Step 10. Click "Upload video"

* More help with can be found at

* Note:
Maximum file size 100 MB.
Maximum length: 10 minutes.

Videos can be split up into parts.
With organization authorization EDA can apply for a Director Account that would allow for unlimited media length.