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No More Rolling Over

In 2004, Ukrainians took to the streets to protest a stolen election. They demonstrated by the millions, for days on end, until they overwhelmed the attempted electoral coup. They demanded a revote, and they got their legitimate government back.

In 2004, we Americans had our votes stolen and our government hijacked, but we were immobilized with shock.

This time we will be ready.

No More Stolen Elections

Election Defense Alliance and other election integrity allies are monitoring the lead-up to the election for danger indicators. We will know where to look, and what to look for.

We will be analyzing election returns in real time, and when we find vote theft and suppression,

we will call on you to rally for the republic in mass protests strategically focused for maximum effect.

We are neither predicting or announcing where the protests will be called.

Our response will be swift and decisive with the element of surprise and the determination to sustain protest as long as necessary.

How long?

Until we get an honest accounting of the votes.

We need to know who will stand with us in defense of our votes and where we can reach you when the call goes out.

United We Count

Can we count on you?

Yes! When the call comes, I will be there!