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Psephos, inspired by the traditions of democracy, is an emerging nonprofit committed to preventing the rise of unchecked power in the United States.

Psephos advocates a return to transparent, secure, verifiable elections where paper ballots are counted by the people... More

Psephos is a nonprofit whose activities support educational, policy development and litigation efforts related to election integrity...More

Psephos Projects
Collectively, the organization's founders have been involved in issues of consumer fraud, civil rights, constitutional law and election integrity...More

Contact Information:
Phone: 619.987.7200
Psephos 3631-D Village Circle Carlsbad, CA 92008


Elections have meaning only to the extent that they are transparent and verifiable. Free speech rights provide authority for citizens to observe their elections.

But, a conflict, created by government officials, exists between citizens who exercise their unalienable right to alter or abolish government institutions through elections, and the needs of public servants to administer elections.

But, the legitimate needs of election administrators are not in conflict with the rights of citizens. The success of election administrators depends on whether citizens accept the results of an election.

No election can be successful when the process is hidden from the only group that has a legitimate interest in the outcome.

Therefore, administrators need citizens to observe the election process to achieve their only appropriate goal. The current reality is that many election administrators have taken a turn down the path to tyranny by assuming a bunker mentality that seeks to exclude citizens instead of welcoming them.

The irony is that welcoming citizens into the process is in their own best interest.
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People are the CEOs of elections. And, like any executive, people must know something about how elections are conducted in order to be effective in taking responsibility for the success of elections.

Elections are successful when they are transparent and verifiable. Only people can provide legitimacy to elections. Psephos is committed to being a resource for people who want to take action to legitimize their elections. Psephos has prepared a Guide for navigating election day as a CEO.

Use the Guide as a primer and take it with you on election day so you know how best to use your energy.


We have prepared a smaller pamphlet version of the guide as a convenient pocket checklist. Use it for quick access to important events to document during the different phases of election day.


Vote Rescue (TX)

About VoteRescue

Region: Travis County, Texas

VoteRescue is a non-partisan, single-issue group whose focus is on election integrity by hand-counted paper ballots in public view.

VoteRescue's primary method is to educate citizens about the efforts to undermine the fundamental right to vote.

VoteRescue feels that its mission is an important one that transcends political leanings and opinions. As such, the volunteer makeup of VoteRescue is diverse and extensive.

Karen Renick
Vickie Karp


VoteRescue's meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.

We generally get started around 6:30 p.m. and wrap up around 8:30 p.m.
We usually meet at Brave New Books at 1904 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701.

Each meeting date, time and venue will be separately posted so please check this site for details in case of possible venue or time changes!
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VoteRescue's Mission

* EDUCATE citizens about the ongoing efforts to undermine our fundamental right to vote

* MOTIVATE citizens to help expose and overturn these destructive efforts

* COLLABORATE with other state and national groups that share our goals, and, ultimately

* RESUSCITATE our dying democracy by restoring true power and integrity to each and every vote.

Proposed Projects

* Meet with the Texas Secretary of State, Roger Williams, to follow up our discussions from our first meeting, as well as, discuss the latest damaging findings about the electronic voting machines.

* Expand the solid effort begun by Allen Davidson of H.E.L.P. (Hand-counted Elections Legislative Project) to organize and encourage VR members to make contact (especially in person) with their State Representative and Senator during the current Legislative session. Find a sponsor and co-sponsors of a bill for hand counted paper ballots. VR will also try to monitor the hundreds of bills introduced this session to make certain none are passed that are detrimental to our efforts and the voting rights of Texas voters.

* Meet with Austin City Council Members and the City Manager’s staff who coordinate the city’s special elections with the Travis County Elections Department to discuss the many benefits of using hand counted paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines. Review the Austin City Charter and other codes pertinent to holding elections in the city. * Meet with County Commissioners in Travis and other surrounding counties to explain the many benefits of using hand counted paper ballots for all their special elections.

* Form a VoteRescue speakers bureau to go out to groups throughout Central Texas and the state to spread the word about hand counted paper ballots, the dangers of electronic voting machines and to seek support for legislation in the 2007 Legislature.

* Convene a conference in Austin for voting integrity activists from around the state and Southwest region; invite nationally-recognized VI activists to make informative presentations; offer workshops.

* Continue holding Citizens’ Parallel Elections and complete the PE Kit.

* Make an instructional DVD about the methods and security measures for hand counting paper ballots.

* Provide assistance to groups with their organizational–level elections.

* Continue working with attorneys who are filing lawsuits against the voting machine vendors and public officials.

* Produce PR materials including wallet-size cards, brochures, flyers, bumper stickers and T-shirts for volunteers and for sale.

* Table at many more Austin events.

* Continue to form alliances will other VI groups in Central Texas and around the state.

* Continue to expand the content on the website

* Find a venue and set up regularly scheduled movie nights

* Collaborate with producers at the Public Access Community Television station to develop regularly scheduled shows to spread the word about hand counted paper ballots, the dangers of electronic voting machines and to seek support for legislation in the 2009 Legislature

Progressive Democrats of Sonoma, Election Defense Committee (CA)

Progressive Democrats Sonoma County
  (PDS) is a local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA),

Sonoma Election Defense Committee (SEDC) is the PD Sonoma election integrity committee.

Contact SEDC co-chair Anna Givens for information about meeting and working with Sonoma Election Defense Committee.

PDA is a fast-growing and dynamic group of progressive grassroots activists fPDA-affiliationrom across the country who work to support other progressive activists locally. PDA exists to carry the progressive agenda from the American grassroots to Congress to guide the development of progressive legislation, fight for its passage into law, and support the realization of progressive policies at the state and local levels.

To learn more about PDA and how it is providing the organizational structure for a unified national progressive grassroots voice, please visit

Progressive Democrats Sonoma County is a California State Political Action Committee (PAC). We believe that the greatest need of our nation is to redirect the resources of our government from destruction to creation, from war to peace, from military spending to social spending, from sickness to health, from selfish desires to universal needs. The future of humanity and our planet is at stake.

We strive to work in our local community to support the mission and goals of PDA, to support our newly formed California State Democratic Progressive Caucus, and to work collaboratively with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve our mutual goals — justice and democracy at all levels, and the preservation and restoration of The Commons. We invite you to join the growing grassroots movement to strengthen progressive values and politics. Political change begins with social movements and ends with politicians.

Citizens for Democracy - Temecula Valley (CA)

Save R Vote

A Project of Citizens for Democracy-Temecula Valley*

32204 Calle Resaca Dr.
Temecula, CA 92592

Democracy for America-Temecula Valley
changed its name in late 2007 to
Citizens for Democracy-Temecula Valley (CfD-TV)
but remains the same organization.


Resolution of Affiliation with Election Defense Alliance

Whereas Election Defense Alliance (EDA) is national organization of election integrity advocates and groups, and

Whereas the effectiveness of the EDA is directly proportional to the number of organizations affiliated with it, and

Whereas a primary purpose of EDA is to promote and support open, fair, legal, transparent and auditable elections, and

Whereas EDA has requested that as many organizations as possible with concerns about election integrity affiliate themselves with EDA, and

Whereas the goals of Democracy for America-Temecula Valley (DFA-TV) include open, fair, legal, transparent and auditable elections, and

Whereas the DFA-TV has an election integrity project entitled SAVE R VOTE, and

Whereas the goals of the EDA and the goals of DFA-TV are closely aligned,

Democracy for America-Temecula Valley hereby officially affiliates itself with Election Defense Alliance.

Passed this 20th day of September, 2006 in Temecula, CA.*

Maxine Ewig -- Coordinator


Jerry Ewig -- Coordinator


"With persistence, and perseverance, you will be successful."
-- Tom Courbat, Executve Director of SAVE R VOTE

A Brief History of Citizen Election Monitoring in Riverside County, CA

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Accomplishments to Date, and Goals for November '08


1. Formed EOP
2. Precinct results posted at precincts
3. Stopped illegal transmissions over Internet
4. Monitored & reported on 5 elections
5. Trained about 100 volunteer observers
6. Required “Paper Ballots Available” posters
7. Motivated BOS to appoint Blue Ribbon group
8. Memory cards & ballots come in front door
9. Brought Hursti from Finland for Blue Ribbon
10. Enhanced chain of custody thru video evidence
11. Video surveillance now in warehouse
12. Stopped ROV entry of paper votes into DREs
13. 1% tally random draw same day as tally
14. Halogen lights now at collection centers
15. Wider voting booths for wheelchairs

Goals for November ‘08

1.  Video of any element except voter i.d.
2.  HCPB or DIOS scanners in precincts
3.  Observers in central tabulator room
4.  Full viewing of EVERY election part
5.  Criminal background checks - inspectors
6.  Exit polls at select locations

Coalition Against Election Fraud (MA)

 Coalition Against Election Fraud (

To contact us, please write to

We have a low-volume announcement list.
To subscribe, send an email to

Coalition Against Election Fraud formed in response to the numerous reports of voting irregularities and election law violations that took place during the 2004 election. There were 57,000 complaints of voting violations delivered to the House Judiciary Democrats. When hundreds of thousands of voters are affected by machine problems and acts of voter suppression, it calls our American democracy into question.

A delegation of CAEF members visited Washington, D.C. to ask Senators to object to the certification of the election. On January 6, Rep. Stephanie Tubbs Jones and Sen. Barbara Boxer submitted an objection to the certification of the election, forcing the House and the Senate to break into a two-hour debate on voter disenfranchisement in Ohio.

We have transcripts of the House debate and the Senate debate from We are pleased that the Massachusetts electors have passed a unanimous resolution calling for an investigation into the voting irregularities in the 2004 Presidential election. We have audio from our Jan. 3 Rally for the Republic and our December 12 demonstration available for download.
CAEF is a member of
Taking Action

If you aren't sure what you can do to help, then take a look at our Next Steps flyer.

This link makes it easy to write your election officials in support of paper ballots.

Create a letter to your state official to ask that hand-recountable optical scan ballots be used rather than DREs.

Links to some outstanding websites:

Alliance for Democracy (National)

Alliance for Democracy
AfD National Office
The Alliance for Democracy
PO Box 540115
760 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02454


Phone: 781-894-1179
Fax: 781-894-0279
Ronnie Dugger, Founder


Illinois Ballot Integrity Project

The Illinois Ballot Integrity Project
is a not-for-profit, non-partisan civic organization dedicated to the correction of election system deficiencies and ensuring fair, accurate, and completely transparent elections.

Fundamental to election integrity is the inscribing of all votes (whether by hand or by machine) on durable paper ballots which are easily handled and verified by the individual voter.

The voter’s paper ballot shall be the only official ballot for purposes of casting, tallying, counting, audit and recount.

The Mission of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project is to inform and educate the public, media and government officials about important election integrity issues and to promote the adoption of legislation and policies designed to secure the democratic process.

Visit us on the web at


 Election Defense Alliance welcomes individual and group endorsements and affiliations with local, regional, and national organizations all working toward our common goals of transparent elections and government accountable to the citizens.

If an organization you work with endorses the general principals and methods evinced by EDA and votes its approval for Alliance affiliation, please let us know and we will glady display your organizational banner, description, and contact links on these pages, along with those of the regional EDA affiliates you see listed below.

Although all elections are local, and the prime locus of election integrity reform is at the local level, restoring a national government accountable to the people of these United States is going to require coordinated efforts arising from local electoral jurisdictions, culminating in institutional reform at the county, state, and national levels.

Election Defense Alliance encourages cooperative networks of autonomous county and state election integrity groups sharing information, experience, and material resources toward this ultimate goal of restoring election integrity and legitimacy in government at the local, state, and national levels.

Solar Bus Election Justice Center (VT)

Solar Bus Election Justice Center

Your home for updated information on the fight for democracy in America


General Email:

Election Justice Newsletter

Archives: Sign up for the free newsletter: election-email(at)

The Solar Bus Election Justice Center is maintained by the Solar Bus project.

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