Progressive Democrats of Sonoma, Election Defense Committee (CA)

Progressive Democrats Sonoma County
  (PDS) is a local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA),

Sonoma Election Defense Committee (SEDC) is the PD Sonoma election integrity committee.

Contact SEDC co-chair Anna Givens for information about meeting and working with Sonoma Election Defense Committee.

PDA is a fast-growing and dynamic group of progressive grassroots activists fPDA-affiliationrom across the country who work to support other progressive activists locally. PDA exists to carry the progressive agenda from the American grassroots to Congress to guide the development of progressive legislation, fight for its passage into law, and support the realization of progressive policies at the state and local levels.

To learn more about PDA and how it is providing the organizational structure for a unified national progressive grassroots voice, please visit

Progressive Democrats Sonoma County is a California State Political Action Committee (PAC). We believe that the greatest need of our nation is to redirect the resources of our government from destruction to creation, from war to peace, from military spending to social spending, from sickness to health, from selfish desires to universal needs. The future of humanity and our planet is at stake.

We strive to work in our local community to support the mission and goals of PDA, to support our newly formed California State Democratic Progressive Caucus, and to work collaboratively with like-minded individuals and organizations to achieve our mutual goals — justice and democracy at all levels, and the preservation and restoration of The Commons. We invite you to join the growing grassroots movement to strengthen progressive values and politics. Political change begins with social movements and ends with politicians.