Vote Rescue (TX)

About VoteRescue

Region: Travis County, Texas

VoteRescue is a non-partisan, single-issue group whose focus is on election integrity by hand-counted paper ballots in public view.

VoteRescue's primary method is to educate citizens about the efforts to undermine the fundamental right to vote.

VoteRescue feels that its mission is an important one that transcends political leanings and opinions. As such, the volunteer makeup of VoteRescue is diverse and extensive.

Karen Renick
Vickie Karp


VoteRescue's meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month unless otherwise posted.

We generally get started around 6:30 p.m. and wrap up around 8:30 p.m.
We usually meet at Brave New Books at 1904 Guadalupe, Austin, TX 78701.

Each meeting date, time and venue will be separately posted so please check this site for details in case of possible venue or time changes!
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VoteRescue's Mission

* EDUCATE citizens about the ongoing efforts to undermine our fundamental right to vote

* MOTIVATE citizens to help expose and overturn these destructive efforts

* COLLABORATE with other state and national groups that share our goals, and, ultimately

* RESUSCITATE our dying democracy by restoring true power and integrity to each and every vote.

Proposed Projects

* Meet with the Texas Secretary of State, Roger Williams, to follow up our discussions from our first meeting, as well as, discuss the latest damaging findings about the electronic voting machines.

* Expand the solid effort begun by Allen Davidson of H.E.L.P. (Hand-counted Elections Legislative Project) to organize and encourage VR members to make contact (especially in person) with their State Representative and Senator during the current Legislative session. Find a sponsor and co-sponsors of a bill for hand counted paper ballots. VR will also try to monitor the hundreds of bills introduced this session to make certain none are passed that are detrimental to our efforts and the voting rights of Texas voters.

* Meet with Austin City Council Members and the City Manager’s staff who coordinate the city’s special elections with the Travis County Elections Department to discuss the many benefits of using hand counted paper ballots instead of electronic voting machines. Review the Austin City Charter and other codes pertinent to holding elections in the city. * Meet with County Commissioners in Travis and other surrounding counties to explain the many benefits of using hand counted paper ballots for all their special elections.

* Form a VoteRescue speakers bureau to go out to groups throughout Central Texas and the state to spread the word about hand counted paper ballots, the dangers of electronic voting machines and to seek support for legislation in the 2007 Legislature.

* Convene a conference in Austin for voting integrity activists from around the state and Southwest region; invite nationally-recognized VI activists to make informative presentations; offer workshops.

* Continue holding Citizens’ Parallel Elections and complete the PE Kit.

* Make an instructional DVD about the methods and security measures for hand counting paper ballots.

* Provide assistance to groups with their organizational–level elections.

* Continue working with attorneys who are filing lawsuits against the voting machine vendors and public officials.

* Produce PR materials including wallet-size cards, brochures, flyers, bumper stickers and T-shirts for volunteers and for sale.

* Table at many more Austin events.

* Continue to form alliances will other VI groups in Central Texas and around the state.

* Continue to expand the content on the website

* Find a venue and set up regularly scheduled movie nights

* Collaborate with producers at the Public Access Community Television station to develop regularly scheduled shows to spread the word about hand counted paper ballots, the dangers of electronic voting machines and to seek support for legislation in the 2009 Legislature