Ohio Justice Campaign Pursues 2004 Ballot Destruction in Ohio

Ohio's Democracy Warriors, Smoking Guns, and Preventing Unwanted Presidencies

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign

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"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known
better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph"
-- Haile Selassie

Yes, believe it! Pictured right are white stickers placed over the Kerry-Edward ovals. Photos of these 2004 opti-scan ballots from Clermont County were taken by Richard Hayes Phillips and Paddy Shaffer on August 6, 2007 at the office of Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner.

What did SOS Brunner have to say about this startling discovery? According to Paddy Shaffer, “We requested that Jennifer or other top staff
come to room 1706 and look at these ballots, actual physical evidence of the theft of the 2004 election.  We were there for several hours working... not one person showed up, even though we were right in their own office.”

Also worth noting,  Phillips and Shaffer only found and photographed two stickered ballots.  Back in December `04, recount observers from Clermont County remarked, "On some ballots, there was a sticker on the ballot, the Kerry vote was covered with a sticker — no one could explain these stickers...May have to invoke tampering, defiling statutes."
More information about Clermont County is available on www.iwantmyvote.com.

Where were the rest of the stickered ballots?  Perhaps in those boxes of unused ballots that the Clermont County Board of Election
failed turn in to the SOS’s office.  Add those to the staggering total of over 1.6 million election ballots that have been shredded, dumped, soaked by coffee, flooded, lost, or disappeared by 56 of 88 Boards of Elections across Ohio.
To understand the significance of these ballots, read "Shreds of Evidence" by Richard Hayes Phillips, PhD.

How could this happen? Prior to the 2004 election, Secretary of State Blackwell reminded Ohio’s 88 BOE officials that all election-related
materials would be under federal protection until September 2, 2006.  Then, on August 31, 2006, in response to the King-Lincoln-Bronzeville civil rights suit against Blackwell, Judge Marbley ordered all of Ohio's 88 counties to "…preserve all ballots from the 2004 presidential election on paper or in any other format, including electronic data, unless and until such time otherwise instructed by this court." 

Clearly, some election officials didn’t take their job to protect the ballots very seriously. Read this partial list of excuses!

Voting rights activists in Ohio and across the country want to know if Attorney General Mark Dann is going to prosecute any officials for destroying ballots. Federal and state laws have been broken:

  1. Elections officials who "destroy, or mutilate any" elections records under Ohio Revised Code 3599.16 are guilty of a Fourth Degree Felony
  2. “Destruction of election records before expiration of time for contest” Ohio Revised Code 3599.34 is a Fifth Degree Felony
  3. "Tampering with ballots" Ohio Revised Code 3599.26 is a Fifth Degree Felony

Incredibly, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner appears to be defending the officials’ behavior, saying they didn't intentionally
destroy the ballots. Shaffer disagrees. “Actually they did destroy those ballots on purpose.  Warren and Fayette Counties wrote that they ‘intentionally destroyed’ them in their letters of explanation."

Promises, Promises!
Be sure to watch excerpts of campaign promises made by Jennifer Brunner, Marc Dann, John Eastman and Tim Kettler posted by Jeffrey Kirkby, owner of the movie production company, Voices of Cleveland and Beyond Productions LLC.

The Ohio Election Justice Campaign, led by Paddy Shaffer, (founder of Artists for Justice) is demanding an investigation into the election
crimes of 2004 and the willful destruction of the ballots in 56 of 88 Ohio counties.  To that end, nearly 100 national and local election activists,
investigators and experts have signed on to meet with Brunner, and Dann, to present evidence and ask for action.
Check out the guest list!

If you are an Election Integrity Advocate or expert wishing to present material regarding the Ohio 2004 election, or a member of the media wanting to cover this event, email Paddy Shaffer for more information.

There are smoking guns in Ohio, and for the sake of our democracy, we need to find them. The Ohio Election Justice campaign needs
your financial help!  All proceeds from the sale of “Cheated!” will help fund this all-important cause. Click here to buy your copy!

Need more information? Check out all of the news stories and documents collected below:

Compiled by Ohio Justice Campaign; first published by Nancy Tobi at http://www.DemocracyforNewHampshire.com

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