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How To Register For An EDA Website Account

Please list your real first and last names as your EDA web account Username. Example: Jane Smith.
A valid email address is also required to register for an EDA account.

Applications submitted without a real first and last name and a valid e-mail address will be rejected.
We've adopted these policies to ensure that EDA web accounts are opened only for real persons with sincere intent to participate.

Unlike most websites, the account registration process on the EDA website is not fully automated.
We have a two-stage process that requires validation by a website administrator before your Username is activated.

We have prepared a Website Account Guide to help you through the registration sequence, and to let you know of additional website features you can choose for a richer website experience. The Guide also describes the Privacy Policies that protect your personal information.

You may find it useful to print a copy for future reference.

The URL for this guide is:

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Working Group Members
 Your preferred phone contact is requested, but optional. Used selectively for EDA contact only. We protect your privacy.
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 Postal code suffix (optional); 4 digits in the US
Election Verification Poll Volunteersindividuals who have applied to be EVP volunteers; some may need to be rejected manually
General Volunteersvolunteers who signed up using the general volunteer CiviCRM form
 Election integrity is a multi-partisan concern, and EDA welcomes political diversity. We encourage you to list your party preference, but you may enter "DTS" (decline to state) if you would rather not disclose. If your party is not listed, please choose "Other." You can also e-mail us at so that we can add your party to the listing choices.