Upload New Unfiled Content Here

Using the "add child page" link at the foot of these instructions, you will be able to file articles or other content you are recommending for the website, in a pre-publication queue. A site administrator will review your item, check the formatting, assign it a topic classification and a page address, and then send you an e-mail with a link to your article.

Below is an abbreviated review of the posting instructions you have just read on the preceding page. You may wish to print those instructions, or these below, before beginning to assemble your content for posting.

When you have finished composing and submitting your page to the pre-publishing queue, please also send an e-mail to Admin(at)electiondefensealliance(dot)org to let the site administrators know there is a new item awaiting review and placement.

To begin, click the "add child page" link at the bottom of this page. This will open the text creation editor. You will be presented with text boxes to fill in with a title, file location ("parent"), and the main content ("body") of your posting item.

For Parent, open the drop-down menu list, search and select the item "Upload New Unfiled Content Here"

After entering your title and body text, click the blue drop-down link "Input format" immediately beneath the Body text entry box. Select the "Full HTML" option.

Further down the page, find another blue drop-down link that says "Publishing options," and select "In moderation queue."

If there is a file attachment that accompanies your post, such as a PDF or an image file, click the blue drop-down link that says File Attachments below.

(If you need to review the more detailed instructions for posting content or uploading attachments, you can click here to read "Add Content to the EDA Site").

After completing your post, send an e-mail note to the site administrators, including the URL (page address) of the post you have created.

To learn the URL of your post, click the "view" tab (at the top of the page, above the Title box) and then look at the browser address window at the top of your screen.